Success Stories

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Kathy (Mesomorph)

Kathy was a busy realtor who just didn’t have time to exercise. Kathy knew she had to do something because her clothes weren't fitting like they had in the past. Kathy joined her daughter and exercised and ate foods for her body type. She trained just two times per week, and got these amazing results! She still had fun at her business happy hour events.

Deb (Mesomorph)

Sadly, Deb had just lost her husband. Deb said that she had to do something for herself, to keep from going into a depression. While she had many challenges in life, her newfound fitness by body type was not one of them. Deb crushed it! Her program made a huge difference! She looks and feels great!

Janice (Mesomorph)

At 71 years of age, Janice had just stopped being active. She recently lost her husband and her daughter encouraged her to start taking care of herself. Janice took her daughter's advice and did so well with her body type fitness plan. Look at her!

Jamie (Endo-Mesomorph)

Jamie originally only wanted to lose 15 to 20 pounds. She was surprised that she more easily lost 65 pounds! She accomplished this and was still eating a cheeseburger every single week! As you can see, the body type plan worked out great for Jamie!

PJ (Meso-Endomorph)

PJ tried many fad diets. Most recently, was the short-term and dangerous HCG diet. HCG has been deemed ineffective and potentially dangerous by the FDA, yet many doctors still offer this type of program. These programs would never keep the weight off, as it is impossible to live life at 500 calories per day. My favorite quote from PJ is, “…I can’t believe how much food I’m eating!” PJ just needed the right plan for her body type. In her case, there was no exercise in her life before she began! Look at her now!

Yvonne (Ecto-Endomorph)

Yvonne had been in excellent shape when she was younger. She performed ballet and was an avid gym rat, but life got in the way. She knew it was time to get going, and did she ever! Her program by body type was just what she needed. Yvonne really appreciated the accountability, since she knew consistency was the key.

Erin (Ecto-Endomorph)

Erin was a very busy professional with four young daughters. Life was pretty overwhelming at the time, and exercise seemed far out of reach. She was amazed at how her friend, Jamie, had accomplished so much by exercising just two to three times per week. She wanted a personalized plan for her body too! You can see Erin was happy she signed up.

Danya (Ecto-Endomorph)

A mother of 8, Danya did make time to exercise but was frustrated at the results. Like many, she felt like she ate pretty well and wondered what was wrong with her. She simply did not look like she had in the past. Danya even said that she did not recognize herself any longer. She learned a great deal about how to eat right for her body type, and in balance for some fun.  Add the correct exercise plan and Bam! Look at her. My favorite quote from Danya is, “…I’m so happy to be back to myself!” 

Gennifer (Mesomorph)

Gennifer looked great but wanted to go to the next level. A proper diet and exercise for her body type did just that! Straight up happy results and knowledge for her fitness future. Genn has self-motivation but needed the right plan for her body.

Ally (Endo-Mesomorph)

Having the endomorph body trait is the most challenging. Ally had simply had enough of being overweight and out of shape. She made up her mind and was ready to do what it takes to get results. The body type plan was the real deal for Ally! She takes the plan seriously, but loves a balance of Italian food!

Shelly (Mesomorph)

Shelly had seen her family member's success and now it was her turn. Things do come so much easier for the pure mesomorph. These results are from just one month! What body type are you?

Carla (Ecto-Endomorph)

Carla was a busy executive who had enough of being out of shape. Her personalized plan took just two to three days a week from her busy schedule. It was just what she needed to get results and live life!

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