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Join me in the 12-week CCS Wellness Coaching Plan, because helping others steward their bodies is my passion as a Christian, and I believe it's important to show up as the best version of ourselves to fulfill God's destiny for us.

Hi, I'm Chris Akard...

As a wellness coach, I will work with you to identify your goals, body type, and health considerations. Through a customized smartphone app, I will create a program that meets you where you are physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

We care about proper exercise and nutrition because they are essential to our overall health and well-being. From a Christian perspective, we believe that we are stewards of our bodies, and it's important to take care of them to fulfill our purpose.

A balanced diet and exercise are proven tools to help with depression and anxiety. By incorporating these practices into your daily routine, you will start feeling better physically and emotionally, and experience improved self-esteem and energy.

I will design specified exercises that you can perform at your local gym or even in your own home and provide you with a nutritional plan that fits your level of food interest and ability.

The CCS Wellness online program uses a 12-week coaching system that is customized just for you, based on your goals, body type, food likes and dislikes, and health limitations. You will have an initial telehealth coaching session, and bi-weekly coaching calls to encourage, educate, and keep you on track.

I am here to help you see the exciting vision of a fit and healthy you and move towards it. Let's embark on this journey together!

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Amazing Results Like These Can Be Yours Too!

Ally (Endo-Mesomorph)

Having the endomorph body trait is the most challenging. Ally had simply had enough of being overweight and out of shape. She made up her mind and was ready to do what it takes to get results. The body type plan was the real deal for Ally! She takes the plan seriously, but loves a balance of Italian food!

Danya (Ecto-Endomorph)

A mother of 8, Danya did make time to exercise but was frustrated at the results. Like many, she felt like she ate pretty well and wondered what was wrong with her. She simply did not look like she had in the past. Danya even said that she did not recognize herself any longer. She learned a great deal about how to eat right for her body type, add the correct exercise plan, and Bam! Look at her. My favorite quote from Danya is, “…I’m so happy to be back to myself!” 

Maura (Ecto-Endomorph)

Maura is a mother of 9! Due to several c-sections, she was limited in what she could do with core exercises. After taking baby steps, Maura now does any core exercise that is thrown her way! She is down 25lbs and says she looks and feels so much better!

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Once you sign up, we will schedule your discovery call where you'll learn:

  • Your specific body type – you may even have a secondary body type; you didn’t even know about!
  • The foods you should be avoiding for your body type
  • The best times to exercise based on your metabolism
  • How to do all of this without unnecessarily eliminating foods you love
  • What you can expect from your 12 Week CCS Wellness Coaching Plan

Limited Offer – Save $30

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