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I’m Chris Akard

I've spent my entire working career, over 30 years, as a fitness pro, including 18 years as an on-air fitness expert for KTVK news channel 3 here in Phoenix, AZ.


During this time, I've had the opportunity to help thousands, many over 40, lose weight, especially that stubborn weight, when it feels like it's impossible to achieve any meaningful, long-term success.

In 1987 the fitness world had already been set ablaze. Weight rooms and group fitness classes were packed alike with eager fitness participants. People were excited to get pumped, lose weight, and feel great.

I was an enthused 19-year-old and started out as a “fitness instructor,” then soon an “aerobics instructor” and finally the first personal trainer in my city.

Back then, personal training was something that was only read about for the celebrity world. I enjoyed that personalized detail you could bring to the client. It was not just a one-time tutorial on fitness equipment as it had been in the past.

Now, I could train the client regularly and see the results and program evolve. I loved guiding people through the process and dove deeper into the world of personal training.

IDEA, the association for fitness professionals, is globally regarded as the foremost institution in fitness. I appeared on the first-ever brochure of their “One-On-One” convention. Today it is simply called “Personal Training.”

Since those early days, fitness has changed in many regards and has stayed the same in others. Even with the barrage of options in fitness, it still takes time, sweat, and energy to achieve results, and if we are smart, we will do it the best in knowledge, efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, without injury.

This has always been a major staple with IDEA, as it is with the Akard Fitness Group today.

Over 29 years of serving both young and old, from my days in a California health club, to now at the Akard Fitness Group, I’ve learned the many unique needs different people have.

Sadly, I’ve witnessed or come in after the fact of people not having their unique needs properly met. The result was either a poor outcome or more frustration from seeing their injuries worsen.

Your unique needs must be addressed if you want healthy, optimal, and lasting results.

I have had the privilege to work with various individuals, from new fitness participants to professional and collegiate athletes, beauty contestant winners, children, and seniors in their late 90s.

I presented a health and fitness curriculum to schools via satellite nationwide and created classes to help 80-90 years olds maintain safe and healthy independent living.

Each of these types has a unique opportunity to cause adaptation, change…RESULTS!

It is my passion to do just that, safely and highly effectively provide the best sustainable fitness your body could receive!

Training different types of people have also led me to do some research into the understanding of soma (body) types.

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